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HO Hovercraft Waterski (Tribal Pink) 2024

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HO Hovercraft (Tribal Pink) Waterski Package w/ W Stance 110 Bindings 2024
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HO HoverCraft Pink Women's Water Ski Package

With a surface area comparable to two skis combined, the Hovercraft provides get-ups easier than on a wakeboard and once up, it rips turns like a surfboard! It’s a great choice for beginners all the way to experts who want fun surf-inspired open water ski sessions. Great control and better balance in a low effort waterski that works great at low speeds. The days of tug-of-war deep water starts are over, as the Hovercraft lifts skiers out of the water like they’ve been given a helium injection.

Widetrack Frame: Extra stable platform for easy deep water starts. The fuller ski outline means clear directional getups…less wobble & less spray in the face! More surface area also allows for smoother getups at slower speeds!

Key Features

  • Great for learning and super fun for advanced --- rips like a surfboard!
  • Widetrack Frame - Extra stable platform for easy deep water starts.
  • Swallow Tail Tri-Fin for Surf Style Control: Very easy to turn without having to master edge control.
  • Flexbody Construction: Lightweight high-flex build, allows skiers to either steer from the tail or dynamically maneuver


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